Special Projects

Beyond training.

As a forward-thinking and progressive department, SAC Theatre Arts regularly employs on-going special projects, student-driven shows and events, and master classes in order to maintain the momentum of student learning and development.

SAC Theatre Arts regularly introduces new projects each semester designed to catapult student learning, success, and resume-building.





Zoot Suit cast members were invited to participate in Dolores Huerta’s 82nd Birthday Zoot Suit celebration in Hollywood in late Spring 2012.  In attendance at the event was Martin Sheen, Edward James Olmos, Luis Valdez, and many of the original Broadway cast members of Zoot Suit.



In March of 2013, SACTA proudly introduced the first-ever student written, directed, and produced production in Santa Ana College history. Written by SAC Theatre students, Dominick and Christopher Gallardo, Catalepsy explores the demise of the current hip-hop music industry using a dark and comedic edge. Providing real-world theatre application, this show starred play-write Dominick Gallardo in the lead role, featured fellow play-write Christopher Gallardo as the show Director, and sibling Linda Gallardo as Assistant Director.




SAC Theatre Arts is incredibly honored to have the esteemed honor of collaborating with the professional film, 21 Outs, shot primarily at Santa Ana College and featuring many SAC Theatre Artists. The collaboration began back in December 2013 when Producer, Jess Araujo, came to the SAC acting class and discussed his film project with the students. 21 Outs, written by Jess Araujo and directed by Guillermo Ivan, was inspired by the true life story of Coach Chris Forbes and his Socorro H.S. baseball team’s meteoric rise to victory for the Texas State Championship, despite facing some of the hardest conditions possible, such as poverty and racial prejudice. Shot mainly at SAC, this project allowed students to attain key speaking roles, work as extras and production assistants, and learn the real-world application of film development.

You can find out more about the project on the official film website. Check out the official trailer below and show your support by “liking” the project on Facebook. SAC Theatre Arts student, Christian Sanchez, has written about his experience working on this project and his article can be found in our Black Box Forum.


The Rancho Santiago Community College District Department of Safety recently reached out to SACTA director, Chris Cannon, requesting current acting students as talent for the latest emergency safety video being disseminated to all RSCCD colleges. Filmed in one day with a local production company, this project allowed many student to familiarize themselves with film etiquette and experience as well as provided exceptional resume-building content.

RSCCD Emergency Video V IIb



Summer of 2013 provided an exceptional opportunity for many SACTA students. Matt Morrillo, play-write and director of Angry Young Women in Low-Rise Jeans with High Class Issues (to name one of many), invited a handful of talented actors to read for potential roles in his web series of the same name. Student Emily Lappi and previous student Cynthia Aldrich booked key roles in the series, and a large group of SACTA students were featured as extras and additional support in an exclusive filming at the college Blackbox Theatre.



Check out the AYW Web Series featuring SACTA students mentioned above! Simply go HERE or click the image to the left. 




As an added benefit to the scholastic program of SACTA, the department sporadically offers master classes to the theatre artists. Most recently, Moneyball actor, Casey Bond, conducted a master class geared toward motivation, inspiration, and direction of being a working actor in modern Hollywood. Master classes of this nature continue to inspire and evoke continued passion, knowledge, and direction for theatre artists and dreamers.