With Matt Morillo, Author of Angry Young Women

Taking theatre classes has opened my eyes in so many ways. It has taught me to be more confident, open, and live outside the box. I saw a different light as soon as I took Acting Fundamental here at SAC. I was beyond nervous and scared to death because I didn’t know what to expect. There were times when I just wanted to run out screaming, but I knew that if I gave up right from the start, it would show a lot about who I am.

Because of this course and my experiences with SAC Theatre Arts, I have found the courage in myself to get up in front of class and be crazy and just have fun.

As I continued to take theatre classes, my confidence strengthened and that gave me courage to venture into the role of Assistant Stage Manager. Being the Assistant Stage Manager for Angry Young Women and Big Love has been an unbelievable experience in itself. I’m basically the eyes and ears backstage and my primary job is to keep the stage manager, Heidi (who I truly love), updated on what’s going on. Because of my multiple responsibilities of presetting props, letting the cast know when their cues will be, and preventing hazardous stage situations for the cast and crew, there are times when it can be overwhelming and stressful for me. I have to keep in mind that there will soon be an audience paying to watch and enjoy the show and it is important, as the assistant stage manager, to make sure that everything is in check backstage before the show.

With my amazing crew for Angry Young Women.

With my amazing crew for Angry Young Women.

In my recent ASM role for Big Love, I have been so blown away by the absolutely amazing and incredibly talented cast. It blows me away to watch the journey of starting from a simple script and gradually bringing a full theatre experience to life. It is fascinating to see how each actor interprets each character and executes it on stage.

I get the best of both worlds because not only do I get to work back stage; I get to see how the cast translates the script from their perception and how they continue to improve their performances and characters every night.

Whether you’re pursuing a career in theatre or not, it can be so helpful to address your fears and take risks. Theatre provided just that for me. I went from a very quiet student to student who is now able to speak in presentations without quivering in fear not to mention being able to play a key role in stage management, which would have terrified me in the past. I have learned to open up and express myself.

So, what about you? What have you learned about yourself by taking theatre?

Let me hear your story,

Nancy Le

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