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Choreographing a number for the recent SAC Theatre Arts production of Big Love.

Ihave been so blessed to work with some amazing artists in my career as a choreographer and dance educator. Recently, I have been reflecting on things I’ve learned through my journey in the arts and here is what I know for sure… Life is hard!!! We are all faced with challenges, big and small, and from these challenges, fears often arise. Fear is something everyone faces in life and fear is often what stops people from truly living their life. Another thing I know for sure – when we act out of fear, our fears come true!


But there is a choice when it comes to fear, you can choose to let it run your life or you can chooce to learn from it and use it to make yourself a better person. 

For me, and many of the artists I have worked with, the arts are where we have taken on our fears. The arts are a lens to help us see the world from many different perspectives and hopefully, to help us make sense of this crazy world. The arts are where we get to find our voice and speak our truth. This is why the arts are so invaluable.

But the only way to be an artist that finds a voice of truth is to be authentic in who you are, get out of your ego, and come from a place of love.

In other words, get out of your head and experience it! This is not easy, but this is where the magic happens. Where we get to rise above our life “stuff” and where we have the potential to find meaning in what we are doing. This is the only way the arts and you as an artist will have the capability to influence and inspire others, and ultimately, make the world a better place! And when it’s all said and done, isn’t THAT what we are here for?

So, to all of the artists out there – actors, dancers, painters, musicians – be passionate about your art! Commit to it! Study it! Cherish it! And always come from a place of love and honesty when sharing your art with the world. Be at peace with the outcome, knowing you are living your life and being honest in your art! The idea that the outcome was “good” or “bad” is something you might not know for a long time, if ever. But find peace knowing you are living your life, and that’s a beautiful thing!

That being said, I encourage you to reflect on your past, present and future, and how your experiences are integrated into your art.

What are your fears? What are you passionate about? And what are you doing to make the world a better place?

Let me hear your story,

Kari Jensen (Learn more about Kari HERE)

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