Supporting the arts.


With decreased funding in the arts there is a greater need to continue the growth and development of theatre artists and entrepreneurs. Therefore, the purpose of Friends of the Theatre is to support the passions and interests of our theatre students as they seek to gain a greater understanding of the entertainment business in the 21st century and perfect their skills both as artist and as business minded professionals.

Friends of the Theatre is dedicated to building partnerships with businesses, theatres, high schools, and other community organizations that value theatre both as a business and as an art form. We offer an opportunity to join a select group of leaders, teachers, alumni, artist, and business people that are committed to supporting the endeavors of the Santa Ana College Theatre Arts Department and the students that are a part of it.


Your membership in the Friends of the Theatre group will provide funding that will be used by the theatre deportment to support our current priorities and needs.

Examples include:

  • Student career support, internships, and personalized career counseling
  • Offering students exposure to leading entertainment industry professionals through workshops and master classes
  • Production investment
  • Theatrical equipment and resources
  • Audience, critical mass development

Questions about donations?

Contact Chris Cannon with all donation inquiries:

(t) 714.564.5666



The Foundation is a 501C3 and your donation to the SAC Foundation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Santa Ana College sincerely appreciates the support it receives from alumni and friends. Thank you.



Simply click button to the left to submit your donation. Again, our sincerest gratitude and thanks.