“I wanted to go back to what some people thought was one of the earliest plays of the Western World, which is The Suppliant Women, and see how that would look today.  See if it still spoke to the moment, and of course it does.  It’s all about refugees and gender wars and men and women trying to find what will get them through the rubble of dysfunctional relationships, and anger and rage and heartache.”  

~Charles Mee on Big Love

The concept of the freedom to choose is something inherent in our culture and yet, whether through legal regulation or societal expectation, it seems we are consistently diminishing our ability to choose.  Big Love is a play about choice.  A play that confronts and exposes political and societal expectations that influence the choices we make in relationships, war, beliefs, lifestyle, and many other potential topics and scenarios.

The play asks a difficult question:  what influences our choices?  Is it tradition, expectation, duty, or religion?  Can we truly say that we are passionately exercising our “divine right” of free will and making choices based on our own honest desires?  What influences your choices?

Let me hear your story,

Chris Cannon

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