Ifeel that as I grow older I will always look back at SACTA as one of the greatest experiences of my life. Why? Because, this is the show that got me to act again. It inspired me to get back on the stage and feel alive again.  Before this show it was very hard to be comfortable in my own skin… Which is why I went on hiatus and switched my focus to Theatrical Design and Tech. However, thanks to Chris and SACTA – I found my way home again.

“There will be people that will say you can’t make a living out of this. You can’t make a living out of something that you love to do. But are you really living by not doing it?”
~ Olan Rogers

This last fall I was cast in SACTA’s latest show: Angry Young Women in Low-Rise Jeans with High Class Issues. AYM wasn’t just a play, it was a journey through self-exploration. It was a key that helped me open the door to self-confidence. The scene I was casted in was was the “Nude Scene”. I played an temperamental, severally moody cameraman who ends up in his underwear halfway through the show.  Now, believe you me, I was barely able to be in my underwear around friends, let alone and audience hundreds. Through a lot of mental exercises and spending much time at home in my underwear around my roommates, I progressed.

“An actor must never be afraid to make a fool of himself.
~ Harvey Cocks

Angry Young Women really did help me evolve as an actor. This is the first show where I actually let my self be vulnerable. I crossed over my comfort zone and really got out of my head. This show made me feel confident in my body, which is something I never felt before. Angry Young Women gave me the confidence to be able to go out in my underwear on stage and be comfortable with myself. It gave me the self-confidence boost I needed. I was able to tear down walls with this show.

At times in my life the only place I have been happy is when I am on stage.
~ Bob Dylan

Santa Ana College Theatre is more than just a theatre program for its students.

It’s educators are more than teachers; They’re a family.

And, the stage is our home.

So, how ’bout you? How have your acting experiences pushed your personal comfort zone?

Let me hear your story,

Diego Castro

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