This is a very special moment in time for SAC Theatre Arts students. It is a time of change and movement in a new direction that will shake up our department and bring in a new door of opportunity for theater students to go through. This opportunity leads to the world of film.

As students of theatre, we are all too familiar and used to exploring the world of theatre in all its various forms and styles. We’ve had productions that have garnered us much well-earned praise and respect in the theater community. No matter what play or musical it is, it will be something that raises the bar for us and the expectations of our audience.

Something that was NOT expected though, was the introduction of film into our realm. We’ve all talked about how cool it would be to have film acting classes and opportunities for film projects, yet there wasn’t much that could be done because of the complexity of adding new classes and programs to our department.
Well, here we are in 2014, and not only do we have an Acting for TV & Film Class with more possibilities for growth in film education, there’s a feature film that is being shot at Santa Ana College with many SACTA students, and our own Chris Cannon, involved in the film.
When Producer, Jess Araujo visited our TV & Film acting class last fall (2013) and talked about his film, 21 Outs, to be shot here at Santa Ana College, and other locations in Santa Ana, we knew that there was something special happening. It was the beginning of a beautiful new addition of the world of film to our theatre program. It was a perfectly timed presentation because we were towards the end of our fall semester and Chris had taught us the various aspects of working in the professional TV & film world. Our experience was about to take us into another level of our education.
Now, I find myself wearing many hats in this professional film. As an actor I play a title character and when I’m not in front of the camera, I am the Production Manager’s Production Assistant while simultaneously running the film’s official social media. It’s incredible to be working in this film with professionals and classmates along with our theater professor, Chris Cannon.

To go from being in the classroom to all of us working together as professionals is truly something rare and special.  

Various SACTA students have diverse roles in the film as well as in the production side, like being PA whenever we need the extra help to being background extras. Students are getting on-the-job learning experience of how it is working in a professional film environment which means working an arduous, yet fulfilling, 12 hours a day where mistakes have to be kept to a minimum and the learning has to happen quick.
It is definitely one of the most challenging and fulfilling times I’ve ever had while working in a project and none of this would be possible had it not been for the great opportunities that were offered to me at SACTA. Having said that, none of this was handed to me and my peers.

Initiative and assertiveness has to be present within ourselves in order to take any opportunity that presents itself to us.

We must be mature and willing to put in that 110% especially when we are in our weakest moments. We must be daring and allow ourselves to go into new circumstances because even when we do not know what we are doing, as long as we keep at it and pursue our passions, we will thrive and succeed. Who knows? Maybe soon we will have a Spring/Fall film as the main production!

So how ’bout you? What do you want to see as we begin to expand into the world of film & TV?

Let me hear your story,

Christian Sanchez

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